The Essential Dog DNA Registration Program for Pet-friendly Apartments, Condominiums and Municipalities

PooPrints Canada is your source for keeping your pet-friendly community clean and free of unscooped dog waste..

A community account is free with PooPrints Canada. Its only the cost of the DNA kits. Pet owning residents pay the one life-time registration.

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Discover Your Pet-friendly Neighborhood & Beyond...

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Discover Your Pet-friendly Neighborhood & Beyond...

Dog owners now pick-up to avoid being caught.

Watch your unscooped dog waste issues disappear

Instantly Resolve Unscooped Pet Waste.

resident swabs dogs mouth
realizing theyll be identified
dog owners now pick up

Leasing made easier with a clean pet-friendly community

A pet-friendly community is not complete without responsible pet owners. 

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Here’s How it Works


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Staff meet with each dog-owner while they swab their own dog’s cheek with a cotton swab from our registration kit.



The dog owner attaches a PooPrints tag with a unique DN# number to dog’s collar. Lost n found advantages


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Staff mails the swabs to our laboratory using the self-addressed envelope provided.


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Our ISO-Certified PooPrints lab extracts DNA from swab. Then adds the dog’s DNA into a database your community account.

Stay connected with your
pet-friendly community

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It's Simple

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